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4 features to look forward to in your first or next EV two-wheeler

Smartphone like features in your electric two-wheelers (E2Ws) to revolutionize commuting experience


So you have finally decided to look towards EVs as your next commute option. EVs have been around for quite some time now and there’s a lot to expect from the upcoming smart electric vehicles.

Post FAME subsidies, the vehicles can be expected to be 10–25% ‘not cheaper’ as they were before. So yes the customer experience, personalization and associated benefits are something you would want to look forward to before finalizing your next purchase.

Software-defined capabilities

Kumpan Electric (Image Source: Unsplash)

Just like your smartphones, (and Tesla in the vehicles category), the vehicles software will also be upgraded over-the-air (OTA). However, updating just the dashboard or the mobile app doesn’t really make the vehicle software-defined, the electronics beneath like the Battery Management System and Motor Controller also has to be upgraded via OTA updates.

  • Future-proofing of the vehicle: Owners can enjoy the assurance that their E2Ws will remain relevant and efficient over the years. Read more about it here
  • Cost Savings: Instead of having to purchase a new vehicle to access the latest technology, updates can be downloaded simply to the existing E2Ws
  • Improved Performance: OTA updates can optimize various aspects of the vehicle, such as battery management, motor efficiency, and even safety features with respect to the real time battery and motor health
  • Customization: Manufacturers can offer optional upgrades or features through OTA updates, allowing customers to personalize their E2Ws according to their preferences.

Real time health statistics

Kumpan Electric (Image Source: Unsplash)

Vehicles will be able to provide real-time health analysis and statistics for electric two-wheelers (E2Ws), which would offer several benefits:

  • Transparency and Assurance: Customers gain confidence in the condition and performance of their E2W, as they receive up-to-date information on its health status, and subsequently optimized performance and maintenance
  • Resale value awareness: Knowing the real-time resale value of your E2W will enable taking informed decisions about potential upgrades or sale

Smart after-sales support

Ather Energy (Image Source: Unsplash)

After-sales support would truly be revolutionized with OTA feature, with most of the maintenance and repairs resolved or diagnosed remotely and not requiring a visit to service center at all. Automotive recalls would be reduced to a greater extent, as the glitch could be resolved in all the vehicles produced in the batch in a flash!

Direct-to-consumer sales

Image Source: Unsplash

What if you could purchase or lease your EV directly from the manufacturer — like you buy an iPhone from Apple — online or in a store, with a set price? That’s exactly what Ola Electric (and Tesla) has been offering and it’s something you should seek for your next EV purchase.

At Mazout Electric, we are building the entire tech stack of software-defined architecture for Battery Management System (BMS), Motor Controller (MCU) and everything electronics essential for two-wheeler category of vehicles. If you are a vehicle manufacturer, do check out this video, which shows how the solution could be integrated with your vehicles, and/or reach out to us for demos by emailing us here. Let’s make a leap in the EV ecosystem towards sustainable innovation.

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