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Hi all, I have been in the EV industry for over 5 years, developing EV components with HTL, then working on longest range cruiser electric motorcycles and now building indigenous drivetrain EV components, that is going to disrupt the ECUs market in the two-wheeler EV industry. Today, as we venture into uncharted territories, I am impassioned to share some profound insights, that herald new beginnings and limitless possibilities.

In the not-so-distant past, the landscape of the Automotive OEM business was restricted to a mere handful of players. However, the tides of change have ushered in an era of innovation and boundless opportunity with the rise of electric vehicles. India, once home to a modest 10–12 OEMs, has blossomed into a thriving hub of over 100 automotive visionaries. The emergence of electric vehicles as the epitome of cool and sensible mobility options has catalyzed this monumental shift. As we gaze into the future, a staggering truth unfolds: two-wheeler EV sales are poised to exceed a staggering $20 billion mark by 2030, outshining their four-wheeled counterparts by an impressive $7 billion margin.


Ournew-age OEMs stand at the precipice of innovation, ready to dazzle the world with revolutionary products and services. Yet, a daunting challenge looms large — the burden of a technology debt. Many of these pioneers find themselves tethered to conventional methods, compelled to seek solutions from Chinese component suppliers. This reliance restricts their potential for innovation and their ability to carve unique identities in the market.

Unlike traditional vehicles that were predominantly hardware-orientedelectric vehicles are predominantly software-controlled. This fundamental shift has democratized innovation, placing both new and conventional players on an equal footing. Success in this paradigm hinges on understanding our customers deeply and tailoring our products to their evolving needs, rather than being confined by exorbitant R&D costs.

New age OEMs can tap into the new business opportunities that would arise in the next 5 years due to such technological changes in the industry:

  1. Realtime Linux Revolution: The integration of real-time Linux in the automotive sector will revolutionize our vehicles, paving the way for unparalleled connectivity and efficiency
  2. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Charging: A future where V2V charging becomes the norm, fostering a sustainable ecosystem
  3. Battery Technology Evolution: While the core battery technology may remain constant, the relentless march of progress will drive down prices
  4. India: A Global Exporter: India, once a significant importer, will transform into an exporter of EVs and their components
  5. The Rise of Premium Products: The market will witness a surge in premium segment products, setting new standards of luxury and innovation
  6. The Developers’ Renaissance: Similar to the Android market, a developers’ boom will sweep the industry, fostering creativity and diversity
  7. Hybrid Customer Service: Hybrid customer service models, where essential elements are owned by the ODM and OEM alike, will redefine customer experience
  1. customer experience
Fig: iCommuteX Visualized

That’s where Mazout comes in. We are building the technology for OEMs that will make their vehicle 10x smarter, coupled with such easy process of integrating it into vehicles that their sole focus goes into creating differentiation for themselves via the software-defined features and capabilities. At Mazout, we are fervently committed to ensuring that the beacon of innovation shines brightly for every OEM, from India, enriching the lives of end-users and the entire ecosystem.

Together, let us embark on this electrifying journey, where innovation knows no bounds, and the wheels of progress never cease to turn. Whether you’re a vehicle manufacturer, technologist, retrofitter, software developer, or simply passionate about groundbreaking technology, we welcome you to join the discussion by emailing or booking time to discuss more through Calendly.

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